Jewel of the industry in France since 1883

Since its founding in 1883, BOUVEUR has been a leader of the industry in France for providing quality shearing machine blades. The story began in the north of France, in Hazebrouck, where the founder, Hector Bouveur, set up his first workshop, repairing machinery, weaving looms and shearing machines for flourishing textile companies, which were flagships for the industrial power of France at the time.

The founding of the second factory in Lille in 1920 and then of the third in Pérenchies in 1989 marked the beginning of a technological adventure for BOUVEUR. The company’s machines and tools find themselves at the forefront of technology and its manufacturing of shearing machine blades is based on exceptional experience which spans centuries and is exclusive to BOUVEUR.

Nowadays, thanks to a strong international presence, BOUVEUR has been able to develop a large range of products which still conserve the excellent quality and technicality of the BOUVEUR brand.

Nearly 150 years ago, Hector Bouveur initially set out just to repair industrial machines, but the company’s ambition drove it to manufacture its own shearing machines in the 1930s.