Jewel of the industry in France since 1883

Since its founding in 1883, BOUVEUR has been a leader of the industry in France for providing quality shearing machine blades.

The experience gained over the years of research has allowed us to create textiles mower blades of exceptional quality.

Fabrics and finishing

The “Made in France” effect

Fashioned in the birthplace of technological innovation,
BOUVEUR blades have inherited the quality that French industrial provides.

Our products

The blades in use, the highest standard

The quality and aesthetic of the result always depends on the blades which are used – they are the foundation of your shearing machine.

Bouveur produces the spiral blades of different lengths and diameters.

The quality of Bouveur ledger blades is of great reputation. The steels we use are sourced in close collaboration with some of the biggest steel manufacturers.

Bouveur manufactures both small and large shearing cylinders with cutting lengths of up to 6,500 mm.

A BOUVEUR blade always comes with tools for sharpening and setting.

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A tailored customer experience