The “Made in France” effect

Fashion and textiles are an integral part of French heritage and as a French company, we have global influence and profound knowledge of the industry – as they are fashioned in the birthplace of technological innovation, BOUVEUR blades have inherited  from the quality of French industry.

For this reason, BOUVEUR blades are chosen by the best fabric makers to meet the expectations of world leaders in luxury.

BOUVEUR blades preserve the softness and silky feel of cotton, protect the suppleness and brightness of colour in wool, cut both artificial and real fur cleanly and precisely, shear carpets with the utmost consistency and tidiness, give lace a straight cut which is unparalleled, and conserve the shine, elasticity and resistance of silk. As such, BOUVEUR makes a huge contribution to the quality and allure of your products.

For the majority of textile fabrics, there are no limits on the capability of our blades.

Shearable fabrics: Combed yarn / Carded yarn, Woven fabric (cotton), Wool cloth, Embroidery, Lace, Velvet, Resistant technical fabrics, Fleece, Circular knit fleece, Carpet, Sisal / Coconut fibre…