A tailored customer experience

Our services

  • Sharpening the complete shearing heads up to 3 metres in length
  • Grinding the shearing cylinders up to 6.5 metres in length
  • Balancing the shearing cylinders and other units up to 8 metres in length
  • Partial or complete replacement of spiral blades on cylinders
  • Sharpening ledger blades as per manufacturers specifications or as requested
  • Repair or replacement of the shaft supports on cylinders
  • Supplying and fitting all types of inner bearing rings
  • Supplying all types of bearings and suitable lubricants
  • Supplying or re-sharpening the bonded scrapers for carpet machines
  • Recovering the running tables of damaged shearing machines
  • Construction of the tables for shearing machines (flat type or U type)

Whatever your question, our technicians will advise you on the use of our products and the settings of your textile shearing units.

A tailored customer experience

We know that technical problems during assembly and sharpening can hinder the efficiency of your shearing machines, which is why BOUVEUR offers a tailored solution in our workshops or at your site.

Do you need your shearing cylinders balancing or tuning? Do you need a blade supplier or do your blades need sharpening?

Whatever your enquiry, our technicians can advise you on the use of our products and on the settings of your shearing machines.

Your satisfaction is our priority. BOUVEUR will  come to your site or factory in order to guarantee the best service available on the market.