Why choose BOUVEUR

We have more than a century of experience in manufacturing card clothing.

In order to ensure a fabric with a continuous web, to reduce thread breakage and to provide a longer operating life span, BOUVEUR presents a tailored service to our clients so you can choose the best card clothing for your equipment.

Specially processed wire

1. B. H.Traitement: induction hardened point to maintain a sharp edge with a long life span.

2. B. P. Process: smoothly polished point which reduces thread breakage.

High quality foundations

1. Our natural European rubber, which is composed of ultra-fine filler, guarantees exceptional elasticity
and wear resistance.

2. We only use high-friction backside covers and high-strength adhesive, which assures excellent performance.

State-of-the-art manufacturing

Automated planting and grinding system, exceptional alignment of needles, precision and stability.